Porcelain bonded crowns are available in precious or
non-precious alloy. We will always construct metal work
in non-precious alloy unless precious metal is specifically requested.

NHS porcelain work
incorporates standard build
up techniques that use body
and tip shades.

Full metal crowns in 33% alloy.
This metal is slightly yellow in
colour and complies with NHS
restrictions on the type of
metal used.


Porcelain bonded crowns are available in precious or
non-precious alloy. We will automatically use
non-precious metal unless precious alloy is specifically requested.

Independent porcelain work is given to our better qualified technicians.
The build up is more sophisticated and in addition to standard body and tip
shades we also include internal stains to provide a more realistic crown.

Full metal crowns are constructed in 60% yellow gold unless white gold is requested.


Porcelain bonded crowns are available in a variety of
private alloys such as Zirconia. We also provide a full range of all ceramic restorations including Emax.

Private porcelain work is produced by our master technicians using high quality porcelains. A full spectrum of build up and effects are used to produce a vital and highly natural looking crown.

Full metal crowns are made in 60% or 18ct gold.



We can offer you and your patient a committed one to one approach with full patient consultation, photographs and state of the art shade taking.

Our purpose built surgery provides the patient with a high degree of comfort in relaxed surroundings.

In response to requests for premium crown and bridgework we are delighted to offer an addition to our current service which caters for patients who require a high level of personal attention.