AGC Electroformed Crown

AGC Electroforming is an incredibly accurate technique which produces a coping with perfect marginal seating. This technique differs to conventional casting as the pure bio-compatible gold is electroformed directly on top of the plaster die.

This is followed by skilled porcelain build up on top to produce a beautiful restoration where the warmth of the pure gold coping allows natural aesthetics to shine through.

The use of AGC Electroforming within the field of telescopics are hugely important. It is now possible to produce extremely accurate secondary parts for telescopic crowns. This is achieved by deposting gold directly on top of the primary coping creating an identical reproduction of the surface. A circumferential gap to 3 to 5 m appears after the conductive silver lacquer has been removed.

This system will prove invaluable for all kinds of work and implant work can also benefit from the technology available.